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Security Personnel License & Training

Security Personnel License 

Entertainment & Dancing Establishments as defined in the Tacoma Municipal Code Title 6 Chapter 6B.70 and 6B.80, that use security personnel must ensure security personnel are licensed.


Who is Considered a Security Personnel? 

Security Personnel is defined as a security guard, bouncer, door person performing similar duties who is present at an entertainment or dancing establishment to provide crowd control; protect persons or property from harm or unlawful activity; deter, observe, and detect unlawful or unauthorized activity; or supervise entry and exit at the establishment. 


Who is not Considered Security Personnel?

A commissioned law enforcement officer or any person possessing a valid security guard license issued under chapter 18.170 RCW is not “security personnel” and is not required to obtain a Tacoma “security personnel license".


Steps to Getting a Tacoma Security Personnel License

  1. Complete Tacoma's free online Security Personnel Training or provide proof of similar training, all non-city training must be approved by the city.
  2. Complete the Security Personnel Application and obtain a fingerprint card. 
  3. Apply for your license in person at 747 Market Street, Room 212, Tacoma, WA, 98402. Please bring all required items as listed on the Security Personnel application.
  4. Done! Your Security Personnel ID card will be issued upon background check approval. Please allow approximately 10 business days for arrival.


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