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Billboard Community Working Group

About the Group

The Community Working Group (CWG) consists of 18 members representing a diverse social and professional makeup to facilitate a robust discussion, creativity and inclusion of varied viewpoints and analysis during a community process to explore regulatory alternatives for billboards.

CWG Final Report - February 9, 2015

The Community Working Group unanimously approved the final report at their last meeting.

The final report of recommendations will be presented to the City Council at the Tuesday, March 3, 2015 Study Session.
Final Report - February 9, 2015 (PDF)
CWG Presentation to City Council - March 3, 2015 (PDF)

Meeting Records

The CWG held multiple public meetings to convene the CWG and set the stage and conditions for its mission to explore a number of regulatory alternatives for billboards in the City of Tacoma.

Meeting Dates Agendas Minutes Additional Documents
February 2, 2015  Agenda  Minutes Billboard Receiving Areas - Analysis
CCO Compromises Revision 4
Final CWG Report DRAFT (1-30-15)
Map 1 - 300 Foot Option
Map 2 - 100 Foot Option
Map 3 - 500 Foot Option
Memorandum from Schafer
Proposed Minority Statements
Scenic Tacoma Statement
January 26, 2015  Agenda  Minutes Alternatives Write-Up Draft
Amortization Information from City
Billboard Map 1
Billboard Map 2
Billboard Map 3
Option "A" Components
Outline of CWG Report
Questions for Meeting 10
Report Draft
Vote Tally from Meeting 8
Zoning Summary
Memorandum from Schafer
Bacha Billboard Regulations History
TNT Articles
Streamline Exercise
January 12, 2015  Agenda  Minutes Billboard Code Comparison Design
Billboard Refinement Presentation
Clear Channel vs Schrem Court Case
Schafer Memorandum Q3
Homework 3 Background Document
Homework Regarding Question 3
Results from Question 3 Homework
San Antonio Current News Article
Tacoma News Tribune Articles and Editorials
Streamline Exercise and Recap
Vote Tally from Meeting 8 Discussion
Zones Q2
Zoning Summary
January 5, 2015 Agenda  Minutes Clear Channel Presentation
CWQ Information Requests
Map 21 Possibilities
Non-Conforming Billboard Percentages
Question 3 Discussion
Revised Design Code Exercise
Where Not to Allow Billboard Discussion 
December 15, 2014 Agenda  Minutes Billboard Code Comparison Design
Comparing Key Design Code Factors
CWQ Information Requests
Homework 2 Summary
Meeting 7 Discussion Guide
Mixed-Use Center Overview
Question 2 Worksheet
Roadmap for Meetings 1 - 7
Roadmap for Meeting 8 - 11
Small Group Discussion
Small Group Exercise
Values Work Sheet 
December 1, 2014 Agenda  Minutes CWQ Information Requests
Homework 2 Summary
Small Group Exercise
Road Network Map
WSDOT Billboard Controls 
November 17, 2014  Agenda  Minutes Billboard CWG Presentation
Billboard CWG Homework Results
Billboard CWG Geographic Exercise
Billboard CWG Information Requests
November 3, 2014 Agenda 
Clear Channel Presentation
City of Tacoma Presentation
Billboard Inventory and Zoning
October 20, 2014 Agenda
Minutes Billboard Community Working Group Presentation
Tacoma Work Group - Paula Rees Presentation
WSDOT Sign Pamphlet
October 6, 2014 Agenda
CWG interests and Values
City of Tacoma Presentation
September 22, 2014 Agenda
Contact Information
Mission Statement
City of Tacoma Presentation

Support Documents

Planning Commission Findings and Recommendations
Current Billboard Regulations
Billboard Ordinance
Settlement Agreement - 2010
Standstill Agreement - 2012
Standstill Agreement Extension - 2014
Billboard Inventory - November 5, 2014

Summary of Billboard Situation (Numbers and Locations)

Locations Number
Faces 311
Full Structures 169
Rooftop Faces 1
Square Footage of Faces 0

Billboard Web Map and Instructions

View the billboard web map
  1. Click the Content tab above the legend.
  2. Check the box Additional Layers
  3. Click the text to expand the three choices
  4. Use the down arrow icon to adjust Transparency of all three layers
  5. With the data turned on, any map click will open a popup with information.
  6. Use the Basemap button to change the map background

Additional Resources

WSDOT - Functional Classification Map Application
WSDOT - National Highway System Routes (NHS)
Arterial Receiving Area - 300 Foot Option
Arterial Receiving Area - 100 Foot Option
Arterial Receiving Area - Status Quo Option

Staff Contact

John Harrington
(253) 279-8950