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Tacoma Mall Neighborhood Subarea Plan


The City has set up a separate webpage for this project in order to be able to include photos, maps, and other visual documents. The project webpage is:




This webpage is being regularly updated with work products and upcoming meeting and public engagement opportunities. 



The 485-acre Tacoma Mall Subarea is important to people who live, work and shop in the area, and also in multiple ways to the City of Tacoma and the Puget Sound region as a whole.  This effort seeks to develop and promote a vision for positive growth and change within the Subarea.  The project is being funded by a $250,000 National Estuaries Program Watershed Protection Grant. This effort will build upon the three subarea plans for Downtown Tacoma and will fulfill Tacoma’s obligation to plan for our designated Regional Centers.

The Tacoma Mall Center is designated by the Puget Sound Regional Council as a Regional Growth Center and a focal point for future jobs/housing concentration.

To accommodate growth sustainably, the Tacoma Mall Center must function well on many levels. Infrastructure, services, transportation choices and neighborhood amenities must be adequate to support growth and make the area a desirable place to live, work and shop. At the outset, the City is aware of certain key issues:
The Center is located within two sensitive stormwater basins. The Flett Creek, an EPA Target Watershed which influences Chambers Creek, a salmon-bearing stream and the Thea Foss Waterway, a superfund site that has been remediated at a cost of $105 million dollars.

The area includes some congested intersections, gaps in/barriers to bicycle and pedestrian connectivity, the lack of some neighborhood amenities, and a relatively low income and transient residential population. 
The Subarea Plan and EIS will be a community forum to collaboratively develop a vision, goals and strategies to guide growth and development, identify environmental impacts up-front on an area-wide basis and target mitigation measures and other implementation steps.

The objectives for this Subarea Plan are to:
  • Develop a vision for the area
  • Promote sustainable growth within the Tacoma Mall Regional Growth Center
  • Set the stage for a transition from an auto-centric regional shopping area into a compact, complete community
  • Promote development consistent with Vision 2040, the Puget Sound Action Agenda, and Tacoma’s Comprehensive Plan
  • Leverage public and private partnerships and investments to stimulate large-scale population and employment growth within the Center


For more up to date project schedules, as well as upcoming meetings and project milestone dates, visit www.tacomamallneighborhood.com.



For upcoming meetings and engagement opportunities, as well as summaries of public input to date, visit www.tacomamallneighborhood.com.


Supporting Documents

Planning Commission Packet - November 4, 2015

Planning Commission Packet - September 2, 2015  

Planning Commission Packet - June 3, 2015
Council Infrastructure, Planning and Sustainability Packet - January 28, 2015
Planning Commission Packet - August 6, 2014 



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