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Effective Communication Sub-Committee

Supporting the work of the other COD sub-committee that request help, the committee educates the public on disability issues and identifies and develops ways to obtain feedback from the community on disability related issues, hot topics and hotspots. This committee heads the Disability Advocacy Award Program as well as other ADA events; and assists with ensuring the City of Tacoma's website is accessible to everyone. 

ADA Web Accessibility Sub-Committee

Ensuring all new City websites are accessible to everyone, and working to transition legacy sites to accessibility.

Built Design, Planning and Parking Sub-Committee

Participating in accessibility upgrades for City-owned facilities and reviews architectural plans for new City facilities. The committee also works on the City’s permit issuing process, ensuring City inspectors review ADA standards during inspections and how to better educate the public to ensure Federal ADA standards are met in construction. This committee also partners with the Metropolitan Parks District of Tacoma to ensure all City Managed Parks and streetscapes are ADA compliant.

Emergency Management Sub-Committee

Working to ensure the city emergency management policies and procedures include consideration for people with all different types of disabilities. The committee works to create an information only registry of individuals with disabilities and implement best practices in emergency management for vulnerable populations; and assist people with disabilities prepare for disaster.

Employment Sub-Committee

Working to ensure City policy and procedures do not discriminate based on disability during the hiring process and employment.  The committee also works to ensure the EEOC and housing complaint investigations are available to as many people with disabilities as possible.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Sub-Committee

Working to bring a wheelchair-accessible taxi to the City of Tacoma.


Public Works Sub-Committee

This committee works in partnership with Public Works to bring concerns around access on streets, intersections and crossing lights to the attention of the city to encourage action. The committee is particularly interested, at this time, in hearing from people with disabilities from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) identities as their voice has often been missing from traditional platforms of community input. This committee tends to meet the fourth Wednesday of every month at 3:30 PM and community input is welcome. Please contact TACOD if you would like to share input at this committee.