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2015 Annual Amendment

Latest News - Council Adopted Ordinance No. 28335 

On December 1, 2015, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 28335, approving proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and the Critical Areas Ordinance, and acknowledging receipt of the Mixed-Use Centers study report.  The Council also adopted Amended Ordinance No. 28336, approving proposed amendments to the Land Use Regulatory Code concerning affordable housing and infill development and code cleanups.  The Council, however, did not approve Ordinance No. 28340, concerning the proposed Narrowmoor Addition Conservation District.


Planning Commission's Recommendation

The Planning Commission's 2015 Annual Amendment Recommendation Packet, dated October 7, 2015, is posted below (full document, followed by six broken-down sections):

Planning Commission Recommendation Packet - October 7, 2015 (full document)
Cover Letter and Findings and Recommendations Report
Exhibit Section A - Comprehensive Plan and Critical Areas Ordinance
Exhibit Section B - Mixed-Use Centers Study Report
Exhibit Section C - Affordable/Infill Housing Regulations
Exhibit Section D - Code Cleanup
Exhibit Section E - Narrowmoor Addition Conservation District

Public Comments

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on August 19, 2015, concerning the 2015 Annual Amendment to the City's Comprehensive Plan and the Land Use Regulatory Code, and kept the record open through September 11, 2015 to receive written comments. All public comments received are compiled in the following document:

2015 Annual Amendment - Compilation of Public Comments (September 18, 2015)

For details about the August 19th public hearing, please review the following documents:

Public Hearing Recording (Planning Commission Meeting, August 19, 2015)  

Public Hearing Notice (Planning Commission, August 19, 2015)


Public Review Document

Public Review Document for 2015 Annual Amendment - Full Document (230 MB)

I: Executive Summary

II-1: Comprehensive Plan Update

II-2: Mixed-Use Centers Review

II-3: Affordable Housing Regulations

II-4: Code Cleanup

II-5: Narrowmoor Addition Conservation District

III: Determination of Nonsignificance and SEPA Checklist

Technical Analyses of Proposed Amendments

Posted below are materials associated with individual categories of proposed amendments reviewed by the Planning Commission (PC), the City Council (CC) or the Council's Infrastructure, Planning and Sustainability Committee (IPS):


Assessment of Applications

The Planning Commission completed the Assessment process for the 11 applications (i.e., proposals) on September 17, 2014. The Commission moved ten applications forward for technical analysis, but denied/postponed the application for the McKinley Mixed-Use Center Boundary Expansion. Posted below are the Assessment Report as well as the McKinley application and the associated decision of the Commission:

Assessment Report for 2015 Annual Amendment (September 17, 2014)
Notice of Denial/Postponement (October 1, 2014)
McKinley Application Packet (July 31, 2014)  


2015 Annual Amendment Schedule

Application Packet

Applications for the 2015 Annual Amendment are already past due. The deadline was August 1, 2014. The application packet posted below is for reference only: Application Packet - 2015 Annual Amendment (PDF)

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