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Ask the EnviroChallengers

During the pandemic, many questions may arise about Climate Change, Environmental and Social Justice, and how the City of Tacoma is planning a future of sustainability. 


The EnviroChallenger team is here to field your questions and gather information so you can make informed choices and decisions about keeping our community environmentally sustainable.


By watching our videos, produced by Gator and New EnviroChallenger Kate, you can learn about a range of topics from composting, to where does it all go when you flush, to how to prepare for the rainy season and the importance of planting trees. Also, you might see a farting cow! Submit questions for the team via envirochallenger@cityoftacoma.org.





EnviroChallenge At Home

 60+ At-Home EnviroChallenger Lessons!

In response to school closures due to COVID-19, the EnviroChallengers released an "EnviroChallenge of the Day" each weekday until the end of the school year to support student learning.


The challenges align with state standards, can be tailored for different ages, and, in typical EnviroChallenger fashion, entail a lot of fun!



View A List of All Previous EnviroChallenges of the Day


Free Educational Program Teaching Environmental Lessons in Tacoma Classrooms

The EnviroChallenger program teaches free environmental lessons with a mix of science, social responsibility and fun in Tacoma's second through eighth grade classrooms and for home-schooled students. All the lessons include supplies and support state standardized test objectives. When you need engaging, high-quality environmental science lessons, bring in the EnviroChallengers!


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Meet the EnviroChallenger Team




The EnviroShorts video series gives you a closer look into several topics that the EnviroChallengers teach. These short videos on trash, food and yard waste, recycling, hazardous waste, wastewater and a visit to the Tacoma Recovery & Transfer Center demonstrate that nothing is truly wasted.


Watch the EnviroShorts Videos





Contact the EnviroChallengers

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