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Tacoma Municipal Code


The Tacoma Municipal Code information below is current through the City Council meeting of July 16, 2024*.


Unless specifically addressed in the ordinance, changes to the Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) are effective ten days after the ordinance has been published in the City's official newspaper (publishing typically takes place two days after an ordinance is passed).   


References and History

Revision Dates (1998 to present)
Ordinance Table (all ordinances)
See also: 
City Council Meetings, Pending Agenda Items, and Recent Legislation Reports 
City Charter  
Code Adoption Ordinance 


Tacoma Municipal Code 



The following amendments are currently pending codification and/or have delayed effective dates. Recently codified/published ordinances are listed at the bottom of this page.   

Title     Subject

Title 1 *

Administration and Personnel

Title 2 

Building and Development Code

Title 3 


Title 4


Title 5

Health and Sanitation

Title 6 

Tax and License Code

Title 7


Title 8 

Public Safety

Title 9 

Public Ways

Title 10 

Public Works

Title 11


Title 12 


Title 13 *

Land Use Regulatory Code 

- See Title 13 Re-Organization Guide (revisions effective 2020)

Title 14

Urban Renewal

Title 15

Repealed (formerly Airports)

Title 16

Cable Systems, Open Video Systems, Telecommunications Systems and Private Communications Systems

Title 17 

Animal Control

Title 18

Minimum Employment Standards

Title 19

Shoreline Master Program 

* See 'Pending Updates', above.


Download all TMC files (updated quarterly) 

Use the "TMC Archive" link below to download a package of all the TMC Titles, revision dates, and ordinance list, as a ZIP file (over 70 MB in size). This file is updated about once per quarter.  


Recently Codified / Published:  

The ordinances listed below were recently codified and/or published. See the Revisions Dates document, above, for a more complete history of past revisions, or contact the City Clerk's Office with questions. 

Errors or Omissions: 

If you find an error, please contact the City Clerk's office by email (
cityclerk@cityoftacoma.org) or
phone at 253-591-5505.