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TAGRO Commercial Users

TAGRO logoWhich Products Are Right for Your Large Site Needs?

TAGRO Mix, the popular soil amendment that landscapers, farmers and forestry professionals have been using for more than a decade, also comes in an odor-free potting soil.

These products give our commercial users more choices for products that are ready to use. If our products don’t quite meet your needs or you need a different blend of nutrients, contact us and we can customize a product just for you.


TAGRO products are available for less than the cost of similar commercial products—for pick up or delivery. We also provide convenient invoicing for our commercial customers.      


TAGRO Potting Soil

Because of its excellent drainage and nutrient-rich properties, TAGRO Potting Soil is perfect for raised beds. And, it has a convenient “self-mulching” feature. Since TAGRO Potting Soil is made of a screened-bark material, its loose structure essentially self-mulches to assure even temperatures and water content in your planted bed. This is especially noticeable during the dry summer months when it provides superior water conservation. And with its excellent water-holding capacity and necessary nutrients, TAGRO Potting Soil eliminates the need for additional fertilizing for several months.   

Award-winning TAGRO Mix is a blend of 50 percent biosolids, 25 percent sawdust and 25 percent screened sand. This mix replenishes soil and jump-starts plant growth by:

  • Breaking up and aerating heavier soils
  • Helping soil retain moisture so less watering is needed
  • Providing necessary nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium    


Popular as an existing site revitalizer and a booster for new installations, customers also use TAGRO Mix to supplement the regular soil they use in flower beds, around trees and shrubs.    

TAGRO Topsoil
TAGRO Topsoil is a four-way mix ideal for refreshing gardens and flower beds. It is an intermediary between native nutrient-barren soils and nutrient-rich manufactured soils such as TAGRO Potting Soil. TAGRO Topsoil adds organic matter and nutrients without decreasing porosity. TAGRO Topsoil meets the Type IV topsoil specifications of the Washington State Department of Transportation and the City of Tacoma.

TAGRO Liquid

Only in limited production, TAGRO Liquid can help farmers, forestry professionals and others meet their specific growing needs. TAGRO got its start helping farmers get better production and yields from their crops in 1989. And, we understand the demands of the agricultural business.    

Maintaining crop production and sustaining the environment are constant challenges to modern agriculture. Crop and livestock production removes nutrients from the land and can degrade the soil’s structure and moisture-holding capacity. This can lead to nutrient deficiencies, erosion and poor water quality.    

Made of Class A biosolids, TAGRO Liquid recycled on agricultural lands provides plants with essential nutrients that speed growth and increase crop yield. It’s a safe and environmentally sound way to return both nutrients and organic matter to agricultural soils, providing nutrients to crops and assisting in soil and water conservation.

How It Works

Liquid TAGRO contains essential plant macronutrients including nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, as well as plant micronutrients such as zinc and copper. TAGRO slowly releases nutrients as the plants need them, and appropriate applications prevent nutrients from leaching beyond the plant rooting zone into the groundwater. It also helps to moderate highly alkaline or acidic soil conditions and is weed-free.    

Liquid TAGRO promotes plant root growth and generally helps plants to grow greener, more vigorously and often with improved yields. Because it helps you to grow dense crops, you’ll get large amounts of straw and other organic matter to till back into the soil, improving soil moisture retention, and erosion resistance, as well as increasing natural earthworm populations.     

TAGRO staff carefully design application rates to meet the needs of individual crops. Liquid TAGRO works well on pasture, dry land wheat, barley, canola, hops, corn, raspberries and orchards.     


TAGRO Liquid is mostly available in the winter months, but its long-lasting enrichments can still benefit soils even if it’s not available at the ideal time.     


To learn more about using TAGRO Liquid in your agricultural business or other large-site use or to see if it’s available when you need it, contact us.     


For more information on using biosolids in agriculture and other large sites, visit the Northwest Biosolids Management Association website.     


Aged Black Bark

Aged Black Bark serves as a low-nutrient ground cover similar to traditional beauty bark – except that it’s black. TAGRO’s Aged Black Bark is ground finer than traditional beauty bark making it more visually pleasing to most gardeners.  Aged Black Bark contains no TAGRO biosolids.

Aged Black Bark will add both structure and organic matter to soils, improving the rooting of plants. The best uses for Aged Black Bark are:

  • As a ground cover and weed barrier in flower beds and gardens
  • Mixed into soil to increase the amount of organic matter
  • Added to older beds that have sunk over time    


As with any surface layer that is high in organic content, Aged Black Bark helps keep moisture in the soil and moderates temperature swings. TAGRO’s Aged Black Bark captures the sun’s rays and helps plant roots warm up a few degrees earlier, which helps in early planting of both vegetables and flowers.

TAGRO’s Aged Black Bark is a weed-free mixture that helps keep weeds out of your garden and flower beds. If weeds sprout from seeds that may have blown in, the loose structure of the product makes weeding easier. 

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