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Request an Inspection

How do I request an inspection?

Complete the inspection request form for construction inspection requests (for best results use Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook). When finished, press the submit button. You will receive email confirmation of the date and time of your inspection.  

All Inspections

Work must be complete, pretested and ready. If a plan review letter was generated, all items listed on the letter must be resolved before calling for an inspection. A copy of the approved plans and a copy of the plan review letter must be at the job site at the time of inspection.

Fire Alarm

Before calling for an inspection the electrical permit must be signed off by the Tacoma Power Electrical Inspector and the system must be pretested. This includes all auxiliary equipment and the fire alarm controls. All carpeting, ceiling tile, drywall and doors must be in place to conduct alarm audibility tests.

Underground Cover

Underground pipe inspection must occur prior to covering. All tie rodding and other hardware must be complete and coated with bituminous or other acceptable corrosion retarding material. Inspection of thrust blocks may occur during or after pouring. Depth and width of the block must be exposed for measurement. View Installing Underground Fire Mains for more information.

Underground Hydro

Underground may be covered if cover inspection has occurred, however, pressure drops must be within allowable limits. Hydro must occur prior to connection with the building or the City. If testing against City check valves, a device called a frying pan must be installed.

Underground Flush

The inspection must occur prior to connecting with the building system.

Sprinkler Cover

You must call for cover inspections prior to installation of drywall or tiles that would interfere with visual access.