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Transportation Network Company (TNC) Driver

New State Law Passed Pertaining to the Rights and Obligations of TNC Drivers

The Washington State Legislature recently passed House Bill 2076, which pertains to the rights and obligations of Transportation Network Company drivers and Transportation Network Companies (TNC) choosing to operate in Washington State. House Bill 2076 preempts local government from regulating transportation network company drivers and transportation network companies effective June 9, 2022. For more information on the State’s regulatory license process visit dol.wa.gov


What is Not Changing

House Bill 2076 does not preempt TNC’s or TNC drivers from Tacoma’s business license and Business & Occupation tax (B&O) requirements.


Tacoma Business License and Tax Requirements

All TNC’s who have drivers picking up passengers in the city limits of Tacoma are required to obtain a Tacoma business license and remit local Business & Occupation tax. 


TNC drivers who are either 1.) based in the City of Tacoma or 2.) pick up passengers in the city limits of Tacoma and gross over $2,000 in Tacoma, are required to obtain a Tacoma Business License.  


Ways to Apply for a Tacoma Business License

The easiest and quickest way to apply is online at  FileLocal-wa.gov.  For more ways to apply click here.