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2019 Amendment


Tentatively, the City plans to proceed with the 2019 Amendment planning effort, or the "Annual Amendment to the One Tacoma Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Regulatory Code for 2019", during the general timeframe of July 2018 through June 2019.  This web page provides a conceptual overview of what may be included in the 2019 Amendment package. 


Future Land Use Map (image) 

Future Land Use Map Implementation

The Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan provides a basis for applying zoning and for making land use decisions. This phase of the project will address commercial land use designations and zoning. 


 Commercial Zoning (illustration)

Commercial Zoning Update 

The Commercial Zoning Update will revise the design and development standards for the City’s Neighborhood and General Commercial Zoning Districts. The project will bring these districts into alignment with the goals and policies of the One Tacoma Plan to promote a more context-sensitive commercial zoning standards.




Urban Design Studio (photo)

Urban Design Studio - Establishment

The Urban Design Studio is a proposed long-term program with a focus on delivering urban design services to customers in the Planning and Development Services Department, to other City departments, and through external public and private partnerships. The initial phase of this project will include extensive public engagement, development of design guidelines, administrative procedures, and municipal code amendments.



Shoreline Master Program (document cover)

Shoreline Master Program - 2019 Periodic Review

The State Shoreline Management Act requires local governments to periodically review their shoreline master programs and make any adjustments deemed necessary to reflect changing local circumstances, new information or improved data.  Per RCW 90.58.080, the City of Tacoma is required to conduct a periodic review on or before June 30, 2019.  The initial public scoping phase of the project will inform what information, issues, and topics are pertinent for this periodic review.



 JBLM Joint Land Use Study (logo) JBLM Joint Land Use Study Implementation

This project will evaluate the findings and recommendations of the Joint Land Use Study for Joint-Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) and evaluate strategies for addressing compatibility with the base, with specific focus on the Accident Potential Zone (APZ).


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Residential Infill Pilot Program (document cover) Residential Infill Pilot Program - Phase 2

The purpose of the pilot program is to promote innovative residential infill development types. The program was adopted in 2015 and the first phase of implementation is in progress. Four projects submitted by interested developers have been selected to move into the permitting process.

The second phase will consider lessons learned from completed projects, amendments to the infill code and guidelines, and recommendations for continued implementation of the program.


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Critical Areas (photo) Critical Areas Amendments - Geologic Hazards

This project will compile and review the best available science pertaining to the management of geologic hazards and recommend modifications to the City’s Critical Areas Ordinance, TMC 13.11. The project will include an assessment of climate change on the risk factors associated with these hazards.


 Institutional Zoning

Institutional Campus Zoning Review

This project will evaluate zoning or zoning overlay strategies to better accommodate the needs of the City's major institutional campus facilities while also protecting the livability of surrounding neighborhoods. The City's Future Land Use Map designates high schools, higher education, and hospitals as Major Institutional Campus facilities. 


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Review of Code Revisions (photo) Code Clean-ups            

As part of the 2019 Amendment, this proposal would amend the Land Use Regulatory Code to keep information current, address inconsistencies, correct errors and clarify code language, in order to improve code administration efficiency and enhance customer service.



UDC logo

Unified Development Code

The Unified Development Code (UDC) will streamline and consolidate the various development codes, permits, and processes into a single, more user-friendly document. The finished document will contain all development-related regulations.


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