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Public Works

Lift truck changing a streetlight

From the streets and sidewalks to traffic circles and traffic signals; from new construction to neighborhood cleanups—Public Works is everywhere you look.

Around Tacoma, there are many subtle reminders of what Public Works employees do for our city and for our citizens. There is also plenty of behind-the-scenes work that helps make Tacoma the livable, progressive city it is.

Citizens of Tacoma can count on Public Works employees to do their jobs well. Simply put, they make our city work by tending to our infrastructure needs and improving our surroundings. Public Works employees focus on the safety, cleanliness and smooth function of our streets, buildings and much more.

Your tax dollars cover a multitude of tasks that keep our city clean, safe and livable: street maintenance, bridge construction, maintenance of signs, signals and traffic lights, sidewalk construction and repair and so much more.


Careers in Public Works

In these videos, watch employees in action and find out more about career opportunities in Public Works:

Degree Professions describes some of the opportunities available for qualified individuals with college degrees.

Skilled Trades describes some of the opportunities available to qualified individuals who haven't earned bachelor's degrees.
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Director's Office

Tacoma Municipal Building
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