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Institutional Campus Zoning Review

Project Intent

The Institutional Campus Zoning Review will assess zoning changes, special use restrictions, additional development standards, or new administrative procedures to ensure that new or any expansions of existing major campus institutions successfully implement the goals and policies of the One Tacoma Plan. Major campus institutions are defined in the One Tacoma Plan as high schools, higher education facilities, and hospitals, typically on sites greater than ten acres in size.

Initial steps in this review will include an assessment of how public and quasi-public institutions are currently permitted and what flexibility currently exists in the zoning code. This project will include an evaluation of the land use needs of the City’s major campus institutions and the ways in which these uses are currently regulated and permitted in the Land Use Regulatory Code.


Current status: Scoping phase; no recommendations have been made at this time.
Expected completion: June 2019 (tentative)

Recent Materials and Updates

Draft Scope of Work and Background (PDF)

What Institutions Are Being Reviewed?

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Staff Contact

Stephen Atkinson

Senior Planner

(253) 591-5531