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Commercial Zoning Update

About the Project

The Commercial Zoning Update will revise the design and development standards for the City’s General Commercial and Neighborhood Commercial zoning districts to bring them into alignment with the goals and policies of the One Tacoma Plan.


This review will consider the existing uses and development patterns within the City’s diverse commercial districts and will evaluate whether the existing commercial design and development standards promote the design outcomes identified in the City’s adopted goals and policies, to support more compact, walkable, and pedestrian-scaled commercial districts. 


Current status: Scoping phase; no recommendations have been made at this time.

Expected completion: June 2019


The following graphics depict some of the use and physical design objectives that the One Tacoma Plan supports for typical neighborhood business districts and larger commercial shopping centers (from the 2015 Mixed-use Centers Report).


commercial shopping center graphicneighborhood business district graphic












What areas of the City will be part of this update?

commercial zoning graphic


Staff Contact

Stephen Atkinson

Senior Planner

(253) 591-5531



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