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Where exactly does your waste go when you throw it away or flush it down the drain? Brought to you by the Environmental Services Department, these EnviroShorts give you a look into where your waste goes. Covering trash, food and yard waste, recycling, hazardous waste, wastewater and a visit to the Tacoma Recovery & Transfer Center, these videos demonstrate that nothing ever is truly wasted, but instead our resources are reclaimed and put to use in new ways.

Visiting the Wastewater Treatment Plant

Where Does Our Trash Go?

Where Does Our Recycling Go?

Where Does Our Food and Yard Waste Go?

Where Does Our Hazardous Waste Go?

Visiting the Tacoma Recovery & Transfer Center

Additional Resources

Saving Little Pieces of Our Earth

Created by Marion County, OR Public Works, Little Pieces of our Earth - Oregon's Curbside Recycling Journey takes viewers on a journey to find out where their recyclables go and how they are transformed into new items.

Lost and (Puget) Sound

Link to the Lost and Puget Sound video on Vimeo

This short film was produced by the Ijo Arts Media Group as the centerpiece for a middle school science curriculum and is currently used in Puget Sound regional schools. The film follows 13 year old Aaron as he and two friends lose a key down a storm drain and end up discovering issues around stormwater pollution.