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Murray Morgan Bridge

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About the Project

In 2007, the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) found the Murray Morgan Bridge structurally deficient and closed it to vehicular traffic due to safety concerns. As a result, Tacoma lost a direct route between downtown and the Port resulting in longer emergency response times and a disruption to economic activity along the East Foss Peninsula.  In addition to being a national and state registered historic structure, the bridge is a part of Tacoma’s community fabric, and provides an important alternative access in and out of the Port in the event of a large emergency. Therefore, the City stepped forward in 2010 to take possession of the Murray Morgan rather than support a $27 million bridge demolition.  While the restoration project has been a major infrastructure investment, building a new bridge would have required a greater consumption of natural resources and been three times more expensive.

History of the Bridge

To view our history page for the Murray Morgan Bridge, please go to the Tacoma Public Library website. 

Rededication Ceremony 2013 -2


The bridge now meets all safety requirements, is fully accessible to vehicles and the drawbridge is wholly operational for marine traffic. New bicycle lanes, improved pedestrian  facilities and ADA access enhance the ability for students and others to reach the Center for Urban Waters, the Tacoma Youth Marine Center, and other quickly developing locations east of the Foss Waterway. In June 2013, a new elevator and stairs will link downtown to Dock Street and the west side of the Foss Waterway. In addition, the restoration honors the bridge’s past by restoring the machinery house, hand rails, and paint color to reflect its original character.


Design and construction began in winter 2011. The bridge opened to vehicle and bicycle traffic on February 1, 2013 (Rededication Celebration pictured) and final pedestrian enhancements will wrap up by July 2013.

Bridge Opening Contact Numbers

Phone:  (253) 627-4655
Cell (if no response to the above number):  (253) 678-2724


$57 million ($11 million in state funds, $26 million in federal funds and a $20 million federal loan).

Be Informed, Get Involved

You can contact City Project Specialist Nadine Daly, (253) 591-5636, with questions, concerns or comments.