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Planning and Development Services

Our Mission

Partner with the community to build a livable, sustainable and safe City by providing strategic, timely, predictable, cost effective planning and development services with a culture focused on community engagement, customer service, creativity, accountability and continuous improvement.

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We guide community growth and development in a manner that protects environmental resources, enhances quality of life, promotes distinctive neighborhoods and a vibrant downtown, and involves citizens in the decisions that affect them.

Development Services development with crane

We provide pre-development consultations, plan reviews, permitting and inspections for residential, commercial, industrial, and site related development. We also process multiple types of land use permits for future development.

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Historic Preservation

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We provide support to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which oversees design review for alterations to City Landmarks and building within historic districts, maintains the Tacoma Register of Historic Places, and reviews and approves financial incentives for projects involving historic buildings.


Neighborhood Planning

This program provides enhanced planning and development

support to help communities create strong, vibrant, and

diverse neighborhoods. Led by residents fromMcKinley Ave

the neighborhood and informed by community engagement processes, the Neighborhood Planning Program will consider immediate ways to make your surroundings more livable. The goal of a neighborhood planning process is not just creating and implementing a plan, the process itself is also a tool to help improve communities through building community capacity, constituent energy, relationships/partnerships, and
co-creation opportunities for residents to shape their own



Projects of Interest

Convention Center Hotel

The new 22 story Tacoma Convention Center Hotel building is under construction with issuance of the excavation, underpinning, and structural development permits and after holding a ground breaking ceremony on August 8, 2017 . The building will include 303 hotel rooms, ballroom and meeting rooms to support the convention center along with commercial spaces, and approximately 400 parking spaces.  The site is located in the City Center adjacent to the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center bounded by  15th & 17th Street So. and Commerce St. & Court C .
To view the current status of inspections, please visit Accela and search record numbers BLDCN17-0014 & SDEV17-0028

Tideflats Interim Regulations

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on draft interim regulations pertaining to the Port Tideflats, as directed by the City Council in Resolution No. 39723, at a special Commission meeting on September 13, 2017. Staff held an informational meeting and Q&A session on the subject on September 6.  The Commission is reviewing potential limitations on residential encroachment on the Port Tideflats, limitations on new high risk/high impact uses, and limitations on new non-industrial uses within the Port Tideflats. Additional information on this process is available on the Tideflats Interim Regulations page.

Annie Wright School Expansion

Annie Wright Schools (AWS) is adding a Boys Upper School (BUS) program including a new 26,515-square foot classroom building in the front lawn of AWS.  Also, expanding the 8,805-square foot gymnasium building that was approved in 2016, but not yet constructed (footprint increase of 1,008 square feet) as well as an additional, below-grade floor to accommodate a new pool and locker rooms. They are also requesting to expand the two parking lots located at the southeast corner of campus.

Development permits were issued on July 26, 2018.


To view the current status of inspections, please visit Accela and search record numbers BLDCN18-0009 and SDEV17-0126.

Market Place @ Pt. Ruston

Point Ruston proposes construction of Market Place, which will be an addition to the existing parking garage.  The building will add approximately 34,5000 square feet, in which will be located a specialty grocer, food vendor, and restaurant space.  This development will include approximately 36,100 square feet of open space and 146 new surface parking spaces.


To view the current status of the inspections, please visit Accela and search record number BLDCN18-0048.


Grant Center for the Expressive Arts

The Grant Center for the Expressive Arts is an elementary school located at 1018 North Prospect Street.  The Tacoma School District will be demolishing the existing elementary school and constructing a new one-story, pre-kindergarten through 5th grade elementary school.

To view the current status of inspections, please visit Accela and search record numbers DEMOC18-0016, BLDCN18-0007, and SDEV18-0033.

McMenamins at the Elks Building

McMenamins has begun the remodel of the old Elk’s Building.  Upon completion, the building will house a restaurant, brew pub, and a 44-unit hotel. Grand opening is scheduled for April 24, 2019.


To view the current status of the inspections, please visit Accela and search record number 40000156846.

Proctor South – 3911 North 25th Street

The Proctor South building has been issued to allow a construction of a six-story, mixed-use building.  The building will include 136 dwelling units, 7,700 square feet of commercial space, and 141 parking spaces.  The site is located in the North End Neighborhood.


To view the current status of inspections, please visit Accela and search record numbers BLDCN16-0102 & BLDCN16-0113

Pt. Ruston Building 7

Construction of a new seven-story mixed-use building. The building will include 194 residential units, 20,000 square feet of commercial space, and structured parking for 244 vehicles.

To view the current status of inspections, please visit Accela and search record number BLDCN18-0015.

Residential Infill Pilot Program

Residential Infill

The purpose of the Infill Pilot Program is to promote innovative residential infill development types, while ensuring that such development demonstrates high quality building and site design that is responsive to and harmonious with neighborhood patterns and character.

Status: The Handbook has been published and the City is now accepting statements of interest for this program.

For more information, visit the Residential Infill Pilot Program webpage or contact Lauren Flemister, Senior Planner, via email. 

Baker Building @ Pt. Ruston

Construction of 84 condominiums, 94 apartments, 14,500 square feet of commercial space and a three-level parking garage.

To view the current status of permits and inspections, please visit 
Accela and search record number BLDCN16-0086.

Joint Land Use Study – Joint-Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM)


This project will evaluate the findings and recommendations of the Joint Land Use Study for Joint-Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) and evaluate strategies for addressing compatibility with the airport.


Status: Land Use Compatibility Analysis is underway.


For more information, visit the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Joint Land Use Study website, or contact Lauren Flemister, Senior Planner, via email

Links to Opportunity

Links to Opportunity Area Map (click to enlarge)


The Links to Opportunity Program is a two-part effort to improve social and economic opportunity through planning for multi-modal mobility and economic development in communities along the Tacoma Link Expansion corridor.  This is a $2.5 million project funded by the Federal Transit Administration and City matching funds.


For more information, visit the Links to Opportunity web page or Sound Transit's Tacoma Link Expansion web page.

PSE Proposed Tideflats LNG Facility

For more information about the PSE Proposed Tideflats LNG Facility project, please visit the project's website.

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