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2024 Business License Fees

In 2023 the City Council updated the business license fee structure to better align the license fees with the size of businesses based on annual gross income. Business license fees increased for 2024 and will remain the same in 2025 and 2026.  Learn more about business incentives and resources available for your business at MakeitTacoma.com.  For more information about license fee changes, review this Business License Fact Sheet and visit Business License Fee Increase web page for ordinance information.


2024 Newsletter - Business

2024 Newsletter - Rental

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Important Notice for Manitou Area Businesses and Pet Owners!

  • Letters Sent: Watch for a letter from Tax & License detailing Tacoma's regulations.


Mission Statement

The Tax & License division acts with Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Equity in administering Tacoma's tax, license, and employment standards regulations - providing for a fair, equitable, and safe business and working environment while delivering high-quality customer service.


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