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Stadium Way Arterial Project

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Image of construction on the Stadium wall 

Project Update

Stadium Way opened to vehicular traffic Wednesday, September 4, 2013 and the original Stadium Way project is complete.

In an effort to mitigate flooding on Commerce Street additional storm sewer work is being completed will soon be finished as all of the storm sewer work is complete, all asphalt on Commerce Street has been repaired, and Schuster Parkway restoration is done and open to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Ongoing work includes construction of a new pedestrian landing and lighting in the vicinity of the Spanish Steps and the final striping of Commerce Street, which will happen shortly.

Additional restoration work outside of the traveled right-of-way will occur through the first couple weeks of June. Vehicle and pedestrian impacts should be minimal, or non-existent.


For additional information on these storm improvements, please contact Lynn Strom, Construction Manager at (253) 594-7919 or Erik Ward, Environmental Services Project Manager at (253) 502-2171.

Image of construction on the Stadium wall

Scope of Work

The Stadium Way Arterial project included removal of the existing pavement, upgrades to street lighting, new sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and other utilities, new pavement, retaining walls, handrails and sidewalks with improvements to Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility, a traffic signal at North 4th Street, bike lanes, landscaping and other Complete Streets concepts.

Funding FHWA Grants


  • $9.5 million estimated cost
  • Initial award $4.5 million
  • Subsequent grant applications:
  • Current FHWA Grant total:  $8 million
  • State and local match funds: $1.5 million