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Planning Commission


The Planning Commission is a community group established by City Charter Sec. 3.8 to advise the City Council on a broad range of planning issues to ensure that all plans, goals, policies, and development regulations are promoting orderly and coordinated growth and development within the city.


Duties and Responsibilities

Pursuant to Tacoma Municipal Code Chapter 13.02, the Planning Commission:
  • Develops and updates the One Tacoma Comprehensive Plan and its elements.
  • Formulates effective and efficient land use and development regulations and processes that implement the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Reviews various planning issues, such as housing, neighborhood planning, subarea plans, urban design, regional and local transportation investments, capital facilities programs, historic district designation, annexation, area-wide rezones, and moratoria or interim regulations.


The Planning Commission has nine positions. Members shall be residents of the City of Tacoma and be appointed by the City Council for terms of three years each. Members serve without pay or compensation. The current membership and the positions they represent are listed below:

  1. Council District 1 - Jordan Rash
  2. Council District 2 - Morgan Dorner 
  3. Council District 3 - Payton Swinford 
  4. Council District 4 - Sandesh Sadalge      
  5. Council District 5 - Robb Krehbiel
  6. Development Community - Anthony Steele (Vice-Chair)
  7. Environmental Community - Brett Marlo
  8. Public Transportation - Christopher Karnes (Chair)
  9. Architecture, Historic Preservation and/or Urban Design - Matthew Martenson  

Planning Commission Portrait



Additional Information


Planning Commission Interview, TV Tacoma's CityLine (February 7, 2019) 

             (Click on the image to watch the video; 12 minutes)

  • About the Planning Commission 
  • Planning Commission Rules and Regulations (Bylaws)
  • Planning Commission Annual Report 2022-2023 and Work Program 2023-2025 (12-13-23) 

    Staff Support

    Staffing support to the Planning Commission is provided by the Planning Services Division of the Planning and Development Services Department


    Time and Day

    5 PM
    First and third Wednesday of each month



    Council Chambers

    Tacoma Municipal Bldg., 1st floor

    747 Market Street

    Tacoma, WA 98402


    Providing Comments

    To send written comments on discussion items on the agenda, please

    email Planning.


    Staff Liaison/Contacts

    Stephen Atkinson

    Principal Planner


    (253) 905-4146


    Mary Crabtree
    Administrative Assistant


    (253) 591-2051