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Water Flume Line Trail - Phase 3

Project Overview

Phase 3 of the trail extends along South Tacoma Way between South M Street and South Pine Street and is currently in design. The City is seeking funds for the construction phase. This project will include ADA compliant curb ramps, new storm drains, pedestrian crossing markers, traffic signal upgrades including enhanced pedestrian safety, and trail user amenities including pedestrian level lighting, signs, and Pierce Transit bus stop pads. Phase 3 may be constructed between South M Street to Sprague Avenue and Sprague Avenue to South Pine Street as two separate phases.

Project Open Houses Held to Gather Preferences from the Public

An open house for this project was held on November 2, 2017. A prior Open House was also held on March 18, 2015, along with an online survey to successfully gather preferences from the public. Option A (shown below) was preferred by 71% of respondents. The City is moving forward with design of the project utilizing Option A. The sidewalk in Option A would occur between Pine and Sprague.





Project Location


Phase 3 Map


Design Budget for Phases 3 and 4 

Task Amount
Planning/Design $700,000


Construction Budget for Phase 4 

Task Amount
Construction $2,164,828


Schedule for Phase 4 

Task Estimated Start Date Estimated Completion Date
Planning/Design April 2013 October 2015
Advertise/Award January 2016 March 2016
Construction - Phase 4 May 2016 December 2016



To date, the City of Tacoma has received construction funding for four-and-a-half miles of the planned six-mile Water Flume Line Trail Project. In 2006, the City completed Phase 1. In 2009, the City completed a non-motorized facility between South 38th Street and Pine Street and received Federal funds to design and construct Phase 2 which began in April 2014. In 2013, the City received federal funds to design the final segments, phases 3 and 4, of the Water Ditch Trail. In 2014 the City received additional Federal funds to construct Phase 4, which allowed for construction to begin in the summer of 2016 and construction was completed in 2017.


Be Informed, Get Involved

You can contact City Project Manager Chris Storey, P.E. at (253) 573-2484 or via email, with questions, concerns or comments. You are also invited to contact Chris to get email updates on public meetings, events and notices.