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Port of Tacoma Road

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The Port of Tacoma Road is the major heavy-haul arterial serving the Port of Tacoma. The road is in poor condition and needs to be rebuilt from the base up. The City and Port partnership has been successful in obtaining grant funds to help fund the design and construction costs for replacing approximately 7,800 feet of the road from East 11th Street to Marshall Avenue.

One of the challenges to this effort will be Port of Tacoma Road’s heavy-haul traffic. This means replacing the existing asphalt pavement with concrete to be able to withstand heavy truck traffic. It also means completing the work while maintaining traffic access to marine terminals and businesses for a variety of vehicles. 

A long and short-term goal of the project is to keep industry rolling. The project team will seek business and driver feedback on the project’s traffic management plan and work one-on-one with property owners and Port tenants regarding design and construction access concerns. The project team hosted its first Public Open House on January 30, 2014. 

In addition to the new road surface, the project will also provide improved pedestrian access by completing missing segments of sidewalk which will meet current ADA standards.  A permanent traffic signal will be constructed at the entrance to the Washington United Terminal and a new signal will be constructed at Lincoln Avenue.  Conduits will also be installed to support a future Intelligent Transportation System.


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Outreach and Public Involvement

Open Houses

There have been two open houses held at the Fabulich Center. The first open house was held on January 30, 2014 and the second on May 26, 2015.

Additional outreach will occur as the project progresses.

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Source Amount
Port of Tacoma $865,970
City of Tacoma $870,770
Tacoma Rail $139,590
Tacoma Water $959,407
Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board $1,000,000
Transportation Improvement Board $6,364,494
PSRC Grant Funding $429,040
Private Funding $57,000
Funding Total $10,686,271


Task Estimated Start Date Estimated End Date
Design Fall 2013 Winter 2014
Construction June 2015 January 2016

Questions and Comments

The City of Tacoma is managing the project. Contact either City Project Manager Tom Rutherford with questions or concerns at (253) 591-5767 or via email, or Construction Manager Phill Ringrose at (253) 591-5502 or via email.