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Container Port Element

Image of the Tacoma Port ContainerContainer Port Element Adopted

On July 22, 2014, the City Council adopted the Container Port Element as a new element of the Comprehensive Plan, as part of the 2014 Annual Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan.

This work is mandated by a 2009 addition to the State Growth Management Act relating to land use and transportation planning for marine ports in Seattle and Tacoma and has been accomplished in collaboration with the Port of Tacoma.

The Container Port Element specifically addresses and provides goals and policies relative to the Port Industrial Area.  It establishes a policy framework that will ensure that local land use decisions consider the needs of container ports and ensure that container ports and freight corridors continue to function effectively alongside vibrant city waterfronts and adjacent areas.

By adding a new Container Port Element to the Comprehensive Plan the City seeks to:

  1. Define and protect the core areas of port and port-related industrial uses within the city.
  2. Provide reasonably efficient access to the core area through freight corridors within the city limits.
  3. Identify and resolve key land use conflicts along the edge of the core area, and minimize and mitigate, to the extent practicable, incompatible uses along the edge of the core area.

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