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Apply to be on the Tacoma Permit Advisory Group

Tacoma Permit Advisory Group Accepting Applications for Membership


May 15, 2023



Megan Snow, Media and Communications, msnow@cityoftacoma.org, (253) 219-7083


Tacoma Permit Advisory Group Accepting Applications for Membership

The City of Tacoma is recruiting volunteer members for the Tacoma Permit Advisory Group. The Permit Advisory Group will participate in discussions and provide recommendations focused on the following duties and responsibilities, including: 

  • Meet monthly with City staff to review, discuss, and provide recommendations to City Manager and City Council for the improvement of City policies, codes, and procedures for the issuance of residential and commercial permits.
  • Review best practices in peer communities.
  • Monitor implementation progress and recommend adjustments.
  • Review and provide recommendations to the City Manager and City Council regarding proposed City policies and laws which affect the development code and the permitting system.
  • Establish guiding principles to guide policy and best practice recommendations made by the Advisory Group

The advisory group was created by City Council Resolution 40967, which approved the transition of the Permit Advisory Task Force to an advisory group and expanded the role and responsibilities to allow members more flexibility in working with City staff and providing policy recommendations. 

The new structure formalizes the Advisory Group’s existing work and imbeds membership and recruitment standards that are more closely aligned with the City’s equity goals.

The Advisory Group consists of 18 members, as follows:

  • At-large stakeholders (7)
  • Development stakeholders (11)

Each Council District will be represented by at least one member and membership will be representative of permit applicants or other development stakeholders who routinely apply for permits or engage directly with City staff on development proposals, with an emphasis placed on membership working in and/or living in the City of Tacoma.  By January 1, 2025, it is the intention of the City Council that at least half of the membership reside in the City of Tacoma. 

Each member of the Advisory Group will be appointed for a two-year term, for a maximum of three terms, or six years total.

To apply to become a member of the Permit Advisory Group, visit cityoftacoma.org/PermitAdvisoryGroup.

Application materials will be reviewed by the Advisory Group chair, co-chairs, and staff, with the potential for candidate interviews in November. The City Manager will review recommendations and make final appointments. 

To learn more about the Tacoma Permit Advisory Group, visit cityoftacoma.org/PermitAdvisoryGroup. Questions can be sent to permitadvisorygroup@cityoftacoma.org.