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J Street Bicycle Boulevard

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Project Description

This project will construct a two-mile bicycle boulevard on J Street from North 3rd Street to South 27th Street, along with improved east/west bicycle connections via 6th Avenue, South 11th Street, Earnest S Brazill Street, South 17th Street, and South 18th Street. The five east/west connections, ranging from one to three blocks in length, will provide access to Link Light Rail stops and key neighborhood destinations including the Hilltop Business District and People’s Community Center.   


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This project reflects community desires to decrease speeding, improve safety, increase bicycle connectivity through Hilltop, and will fill a critical gap in Tacoma’s bike network. J Street is a key emergency access route; the corridor links Tacoma’s two hospitals and there are three fire stations within a half-mile. The J Street Bicycle Boulevard will integrate art into project elements to reflect and celebrate the Hilltop community.


Associated traffic calming elements include traffic diverters that will limit through traffic at key intersections while maintaining access for pedestrians, bicyclists, and emergency vehicles. A mix of concrete and painted/low-profile curb bulbouts and center medians, along with improved pedestrian crossings, ADA-accessible signals, bicycle detection at signals, and ADA ramps, will further increase active transportation safety and accessibility. The selected treatment type along the east/west connections ranges from shared lane markings to protected bike lanes. These connections will incorporate intersection improvements to facilitate crossings.


Project Schedule

The project is currently in the design phase. Construction is planned to begin in Summer/Fall 2023. 


Project Funding

The table below summarizes the current funding sources for the project.

Source Amount
CDBG $150,000
1085 Streets Imitative Fund                $2,058,084
PSRC TAP Grant $2,162,500



Additional Information

For additional project information, please contact Charla Kinlow, Project Manager, at (253) 208-4223 or ckinlow@cityoftacoma.org.