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Orchard Street–Lakewood Drive Improvements

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This Web Page is Available in 100+ Languages

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Project Description

In February 2022, the cities of Tacoma, University Place, and Lakewood entered into an inter-local agreement to develop a concept for roadway and pedestrian improvements to the Orchard Street/Lakewood Drive corridor, between South 74th Street and South 56th Street. The project goals are to provide wider sidewalks, close existing sidewalk gaps, provide better separation between cars and pedestrians, increase the number of pedestrian crossings, upgrade existing pedestrian crossings and curb ramps, improve signalization, and increase bicycle connectivity.

In 2023, conceptual drawings and cost estimates were created. Information regarding necessary right-of-way (ROW) acquisitions and retaining wall needs have been gathered. 


Public Outreach

A virtual public meeting was held with staff from the City of Tacoma, City of University Place, and City of Lakewood (Partner Agencies) on December 15, 2022. A video recording of the presentation and a Questions and Answers (Q&A) summary are provided below.

Project Funding and Schedule

The project is not currently funded for further design or construction. The Partner Agencies plan on submitting a future joint grant application(s) for federal or state funding for phased improvements to this corridor. Costs for the project are anticipated to range between approximately $12 million to $20 million depending on several factors including final ROW costs, projected escalation and timing of construction, and potential methods of construction.


Conceptual Design

The Partner Agencies have currently agreed on a general concept that anticipates: 

  • Installing a shared use path (SUP) on the west side of the corridor between 74th Street West to a mid-block area between 66th Street West and 64th Street West,
  • Upgrading the intersection at 66th Street West to transition bicycles moving north/south in this area,
  • Installing protected bike lanes on both sides of the corridor between the newly proposed mid-block crossing (near 64th Street West) and South 56th Street, 
  • Improving sidewalks and closure of sidewalk gaps along full length of the east side of corridor on both sides of the corridor, and
  • Connecting new bike facilities with existing east/west bicycle lanes at the intersection of Cirque Drive West/South 56th Street.

concept map

 concept map



Additional Information

For additional project information, please contact Charla Kinlow, Project Manager, at (253) 208-4223 or ckinlow@cityoftacoma.org.