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City of Tacoma Strategic Plan to Address Homelessness Now Available

City of Tacoma Strategic Plan to Address Homelessness Now Available


November 1, 2022


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City of Tacoma Strategic Plan to Address Homelessness Now Available


The City of Tacoma’s Strategic Plan to Address Homelessness document is now available online at cityoftacoma.org/homelessness.

Neighborhood and Community Services Homeless Services team presented its comprehensive homelessness strategy document for ending homelessness to City Council on September 29, 2022. 

The plan recognizes that ending homelessness in Tacoma will require short-term and long-range efforts built on public-private partnerships to address immediate needs like shelter, while also addressing housing affordability in our community.

“We recognize that homelessness is a complex situation and as such we want to make sure that we are able to fund traditional approaches to addressing homelessness and be ready to work on innovative options to meeting people where they are in their journey,” said Caleb Carbone, City of Tacoma Homeless Strategy, Systems and Services Manager. “This plan represents a lot of work that is ongoing by both the City and our amazing community partners who are providing direct services daily.”

In the proposed 2023-2024 Biennium Budget, there is a requested an allocation of approximately $34.1 million for homelessness services and programs.

The City allocated $19.5 million to homeless services in the 2021-2022 Biennium to provide homelessness services and programs including emergency shelter, case management, job training, mental health services, domestic violence services, food banks and other supportive services. Additionally, the City invested $26 Million in one-time COVID resources to address issues of homeless prevention through rental assistance and building additional shelter.

Learn more about the City’s work to address homelessness at cityoftacoma.org/homelessness. The Neighborhood and Community Services Department manages and administers City funding for social services and programming in Tacoma. For more information about the services and programs offered by the City’s Neighborhood and Community Services Department, visit cityoftacoma.org/NCS.