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Greater Tacoma Regional Convention Center Public Facilities District (GTRCC PFD) 



The Greater Tacoma Regional Convention Center Public Facilities District (GTRCC PFD) was formed in 1999 by the cities of Fife, Lakewood, University Place, and Tacoma, with Pierce County joining in 2003. The PFD assisted in financing the construction of the Greater Tacoma Convention Center and supports its ongoing operation. Authority to operate the GTCC has been given to the City of Tacoma through interlocal agreement with the PFD.



The PFD is governed by a Board of Directors. City Councils of Fife, Lakewood, University Place and the Pierce County Council each appoint one member for a four-year term. Tacoma appoints three members for four-year terms.

Current Board Members

  • Dean Burke, President (Tacoma)
  • Andrea Reay, Secretary/Treasurer (Tacoma)
  • Doug Fagundes (Fife)
  • Jani Hitchen (Pierce County)
  • Kevin Briske (University Place)
  • Colleen Barta (Tacoma)
  • Linda Smith (Lakewood)
  • Paul Bocci, Alternate (Lakewood)
  • Lew Wolfrom, Alternate (Fife)

The PFD Board of Directors meets a minimum of four times a year and is administered by Tacoma Venues & Events (City of Tacoma). The Department Director is liaison to the Board on behalf of the City.

The PFD is a member of the Association of WA State Public Facilities Districts www.awspfd.org.

Meeting Day and Time

Third Thursday of the month in January, April, July, and October.

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM


Meetings can be attended both virtually and in-person. Please see the meeting agenda for a link to the virtual meeting.

In-person meetings can be attended at:

Greater Tacoma Convention Center
1500 Commerce Street
Boardroom North
Tacoma, WA 98402

Support to the PFD Board is provided by the Administrative Offices of Tacoma Venues and Events.


Meeting Agendas

January 21, 2021 PFD Meeting Agenda

October 15, 2020 PFD Meeting Agenda

April 16, 2020 PFD Meeting Agenda

October 27, 2022 PFD Meeting Agenda

January 19, 2023 PFD Meeting Agenda.pdf

April 20, 2023 PFD Meeting Agenda.pdf

July 20, 2023 PFD Meeting Agenda.pdf


Meeting Minutes

October 27, 2022 PFD Board Meeting Minutes

January 19 2023 PFD Board Meeting Minutes.pdf

April 20, 2023, PFD Board Meeting Minutes.pdf