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First Creek Infrastructure Project

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Project Overview

The First Creek project work will occur between East Fairbanks and East 34th Street.  The Project is a wastewater & stormwater pipe and culvert rehabilitation in the stream and wetland buffers areas. The existing wastewater pipelines on the side slopes of the gulch and sanitary sewer trunkline running down the middle of First Creek will be repaired through a combination of pipe lining and pipe excavation/replacement. 



In addition, the existing sanitary sewer pipe located in E. 34th Street will be reconnected to the new sewer pipe recently replaced just north of E. 34th Street in the gulch. The stream culvert under East Fairbanks will be lined and the stormwater inlet structure will be replaced where the stream goes underground at E. 34th.  A small diameter underground storm pipe under E. 34th Street will be lined. 


Also included in this project are  new storm outlets for the planned road improvements on E. 35th and E. Harrison Streets. A construction access roadway will be constructed in the stream buffer to access the wastewater manholes necessary for pipe repair and potentially left in place for ongoing line cleaning activities if approved through permitting.  Habitat restoration within the stream buffer will be included as mitigation for project impacts to the wetland, stream buffers and stream bed. 




 Task Estimated Date
 Design Completion June 2024
 Advertise & Award February 2025
 Construction Start April 2025
 Construction Finish April 2027


Project Outreach

Information flyers will be sent out with project updates and news. Notification will also be provided through this website. 



Contact Information

Gis Contact InfoFor additional information:

Jody Bratton, Senior Project Manager

(253) 502-2188