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City Manager on Attorney General Charging Decision

A Statement From City Manager Elizabeth Pauli on Attorney General's Office Charging Decision


May 27, 2021



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A Statement From City Manager Elizabeth Pauli on Attorney General's Office Charging Decision  


I want to start with where my heart is. It is hard to express the depth of my emotion today. 

I continue to grieve for the family of Manuel Ellis, for the pain and weight they carry, and for our community that is straining to help carry that weight by insisting on change that will ensure accountability and dignity for all.   

My heart also aches for the men and women of our police department who serve honorably and who have willingly joined our transformation efforts.   

My job today is to work with our Chief to begin our administrative review process.   

This is a solemn duty. We undertake this responsibility mindful that more process can lead to more pain and confusion for many in the community. 

My commitment is to continue to do our work in a way that maintains the integrity of the criminal process, and to be responsive to the need to be both thorough and efficient. We will share what we can – as soon as we can – as we move through our process steps, ensuring that these next critical steps do not preclude accountability but, by working closely with the Chief, we ensure that our process is part of the path to accountability.

More information about the City’s transformation efforts is available at cityoftacoma.org/transform.




On May 27, 2021, Mayor Victoria Woodards was joined by City Manager Elizabeth Pauli and Interim Police Chief Mike Ake in issuing statements on the Manuel Ellis case. Watch the video here.