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Trail to Transit Connector (Mildred St Bike Lane)

Project Description

Tacoma’s Trail to Transit connection project will stripe bike lanes on South Mildred Street from South 12th Street to North 9th Street, filling a 0.53 mile gap, and connecting Pierce Transit's Tacoma Community College Transit Center and Tacoma Community College to the Scott Pierson Trail, grocery stores, housing, local retail and the new Hunt Middle School.


Additionally, this project will:

  • Add video detection on South Mildred Street at South 12th Street and 6th Avenue, which will allow people riding bicycles to be reliably detected.
  • Add a two-way left turn lane between South 12th Street and 6th Avenue.
  • Add curb ramps and crosswalks at North 9th Street and North Mildred Street to improve access to the Scott Pierson Trail.
  • Increase community awareness of active transportation and transit connections in collaboration with Pierce Transit, Tacoma Community College, Tacoma Housing Authority, and additional partners. 

Why this project?


Safety: South Mildred Street from South 12th Street to North 9th Street is identified as one of ten citywide priority infrastructure projects to improve safety in the City of Tacoma's Local Road Safety Plan.


Equity: This project will address disparities in our transportation system by increasing safe and accessible active transportation and transit connections.


Connectivity: The City of Tacoma currently has bike lanes on South Mildred Street from South 19th Street to South 12th Street which connect south into the City of University Place but do not connect to any dedicated bicycle infrastructure in Tacoma. This project will provide a critical link to the Scott Pierson Trail, regional transit at the TCC Transit Center, Tacoma Community College, housing, and community destinations. 




Project Funding

Funding Source Revenue
WSDOT grant $111,000
Real Estate Excise Tax $121,500
CMAQ Grant (Outreach) $    2,500


Project Schedule

Phase Estimated Schedule
Design August - September 2020
Construction October - December 2020
Completion December 2020


This project was one of three projects funded statewide as part of the Washington State Department of Transportation’s new First Mile / Last Mile Connection to Transit grant.

For more information or to share questions or comments please contact Basel Kitmitto, Project Manager, bkitmitto@cityoftacoma.org or 253-591-5448.