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The City of Tacoma Establishes Rental Assistance Fund

The City of Tacoma Establishes Rental Assistance Fund


May 12, 2020



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The City of Tacoma Establishes Rental Assistance Fund

In response to a request from the community to establish a way for people to donate to the rental assistance program, the City of Tacoma has opened the City of Tacoma Rental Assistance Fund with Greater Tacoma Community Foundation. Donations can now be made to the Rental Housing Fund to increase the amount of funding available for people who need rental housing assistance because of COVID-19 impacts.

“I am proud that Tacoma is a community where people come forward to share both their needs and their willingness to help. This fund is a direct response to our community’s desire to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors impacted by COVID-19,” stated Mayor Victoria Woodards. “We are stronger together, and the generosity and desire to take care of one another in these times is direct reflection of the character of this city. We are Compassionate Tacoma.”

The rental assistance program, which was launched by the City in April using $1.2 million from the Housing Trust Fund, provides a one-time payment of up to $1,000 directly to landlords. Selected individuals or families must live in the city limits of Tacoma, and have experienced loss of employment or reduction in wages due to COVID-19 resulting in an income level at or below 50 percent Area Median Income for Pierce County.

In the initial application period, more than 600 eligible applications were received from individuals as well as direct referral from service organizations. The city will open an additional application period if there are funds remaining following review of the first round of applicants.

To donate to the City of Tacoma Rental Assistance Fund, please go to the fund’s webpage.

For more information on the Compassionate Tacoma initiative or to sign up for future Compassionate Tacoma Announcements: www.cityoftacoma.org/compassionate.



Greater Tacoma Community Foundation Disclosure:

As a fund of Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, the Community Foundation has the authority to redirect distributions from the City of Tacoma Rental Assistance Fund if it becomes necessary to protect donor intent. Greater Tacoma Community Foundation (Tax ID #91-1007459) is located in Tacoma, WA and is registered with Washington State’s Charities Program. Additional information about the Community Foundation’s status is available by calling 800-332-4483 or visiting www.sos.wa.gov/charities.