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South 19th Street from Mullen to Union

Project Description

The project extends from Union Avenue to Mullen Street along South 19th Street and consists of grinding the outer lane on each side of the street, overlaying the roadway curb to curb with HMA, constructing ADA compliant ramps, upgrading the traffic signal by installing video detection, and installing a smarter push button that talks and vibrates when activated for crossing a signalized intersection.


Project Funding 

 Source Amount
NHS Federal Funding                       $2,517,865            
Streets Initiative Funding       $850,000


 Phase Amount
Design                   $301,886
Right of Way   
Total $3,269,955



 Phase Estimated Starting Date Estimated Completion Date
Design                   April 2018 December 2018
Right of Way   
June 2018
December 2018
Ad & Award   
January 2019 March 2019
April 2019 October 2019


Additional Information

For additional information contact Project Manager, Nick Correll, at (253) 591-5492 or by email.