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Commission on Immigrant and Refugees Affairs

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Resources for Immigrant and Refugees

The City of Tacoma has set up a web page with updates, resources and information regarding COVID-19. This includes materials and resources for our immigrant and refugee communities. For the latest information, visit cityoftacoma.org/coronavirus.



On December 12, 2017, The City of Tacoma passed Resolution 39892 to support the creation of the Commission on Immigrant and Refugee Affairs. The purpose of the Commission is to better engage Tacoma’s immigrant and refugee communities and to work with community partners to identify and advance positive outcomes for specifically impacting the immigrant and refugee communities in the City of Tacoma.



The Commission on Immigrant and Refugee Affairs consists of 11 members (to include one youth or young adult under the age of 25) and one alternate who are nominated and appointed by a majority vote of City Council.

Current Commissioners:


Saiyare Refaei (Chair)

Sandra Sych (Vice Chair)

Alma Vargas (Youth/Young Adult Representative)

Hieu Nguyen (Member)

Perla Gamboa (Member)

Rafael Saucedo (Member)

Emani Donaldson (Member)

Emily Calhoun (Member)

Patricia Flores (Member)

Alma Villegas (Member)

Lydia Zepeda (Member)

Vacant (Alternate)



Organizational Documents

    Welcoming Cities - Resolution 39116 (Spanish Version)

    Immigrant and Refugee Task Force - Resolution 39642 (Spanish Version)

    Commission on Immigrant and Refugee Affairs - Resolution 39892 (Spanish Version)


 CIRA Commissioners celebrating Tacoma's 2019 Welcoming Week. Left to right: Saiyare Refaei, Alma Vargas, Jason Gamboa, Perla Gamboa, and Jefferson Mok.

2019 CIRA Commissioners celebrating Tacoma's Welcoming Week.

Left to right: Saiyare Refaei, Alma Vargas, Jason Gamboa, Perla Gamboa and

Jefferson Mok.


Staff Support

Staffing support to the Commission on Immigrants and Refugees Affairs is provided by the Office of Equity and Human Rights.


Time and Day

5:30 PM
First Monday of the month



Tacoma Municipal Building

Room 248

747 Market Street

Tacoma, WA

(Commission is currently meeting

virtually. Please email if you would 

like an invite to an

upcoming meeting).


Additional Information

Staff Liaison
Raeshawna Ware
(253) 591-5137


747 Market Street

Room 1044
Tacoma, WA 98402

Commission Application