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Provisional Rental Property FAQ's

What is the Provisional Rental Property License?

The provisional license is a three-year license that the City requires of residential property owners if their property is found to be endangering the health or safety of tenants.   One of the requirements of the provisional license is a certificate of inspection that will demonstrate that their property does not endanger the health or safety of tenants. The provisional license is based on State Legislation adopted in 2010 and consistent with the Landlord-Tenant Act.


Who does it affect? Do I have to apply for a Provisional Property License?

The provisional license is not required for all rental property owners. If the City receives a complaint about the property and upon an exterior and/or interior inspection of the building the condition meets a sub-standard condition according to the minimum building structures code, a provisional license will be required.  Property owners will be contacted by the City if their property needs a Provisional Rental Property License.


The Provisional Rental Property License is in addition to any requirements that the City's Neighborhood Community Services (NCS) Department may require of the property owner (i.e. substandard housing or derelict building declaration) and the property owner may receive notifications from both NCS and Tax & License.  


How do I obtain additional information?

To ensure your property meets the standards set forth in the State Landlord Tenant Act, Title 59, Section 59.18.060, review the Guide to Residential Rental Inspection


Do I need a residential inspector?  

If you have been notified that you need to obtain a Provisional Rental Property License, a Residential Rental Inspection Form and a signed Certificate of Inspection must be completed by a City Code Enforcement Officer, or a Qualified Inspector as defined in Tacoma Municipal Code 6B.165.