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For-Hire Transportation Service Companies

For-Hire Transportation Service Companies operating in Tacoma are an essential part of the City’s overall transportation system.  The Tacoma Municipal Code regulates for-hire companies, drivers and vehicles to provide for a safe, fair and efficient operation in the city. 


The City of Tacoma issues licenses to for-hire drivers, for-hire vehicles and for-hire transportation service companies doing business in Tacoma and/or unincorporated Pierce County.


Application Process for a For-Hire Transportation Services Company

Step 1: Color Scheme Approval

Submit a Color Scheme Request Application to the Tax & License division for approval.  The proposed color scheme will be reviewed and the applicant will receive notification of approval or denial within two to four business days.

Step 2: Prepare the Vehicle

Upon approval of the color scheme and using the for-hire vehicle requirements as a guide, ready the vehicle for operation; i.e. paint, obtain insurance, install meter if needed, obtain Certificate of Safety etc.  Complete packet of information can be printed here.

Step 3: Apply for City Business License

Once the vehicle is ready, submit a City of Tacoma Business License Application and the additional requirements listed below to Tax & License at 747 Market Street, #212, Tacoma, WA.

Step 4:  Vehicle Inspection and License Approval

If the vehicle is a metered vehicle, a City of Tacoma Tax & License Compliance Officer will contact the for-hire vehicle owner to schedule an inspection of the vehicle.  Once the vehicle passes inspection, the license will be approved, and a plate issued. 


If the vehicle is not metered a plate will be issued after the application is processed and license approved. 


Step 5: Done!


Quarterly Trip Fee Report 

Per Tacoma Municipal Code 6B.220.140.A.2.a for-hire transportation service companies shall pay a $.10 per ride fee for all rides originating in the City of Tacoma for each vehicle not meeting the criteria of an ‘Accessible for-hire vehicle’ as defined by subsection 6B.220.130. Quarterly Reports are due to the City Tax & License Division every quarter.

Vehicle License Renewals

Vehicle licenses are valid from July 1 - June 30.  A renewal notice will be mailed out in June with a due date of July 31st.  If you will not be renewing your vehicle license the plate must be returned to the Tax & License office by June 30th.