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Passenger Information

Passenger Comments and Complaints

If you have a comment or complaint about the conduct of a for-hire driver or the cleanliness or safety of a for-hire vehicle, first contact the for-hire company.  All for-hire vehicles that are licensed with the City of Tacoma are required to provide consumer complaint cards indicating the name, address, and phone number of the company. 

You may also file a complaint online with the City or email the Tax & License office.  Please include the nature of the compliant, the name of the company and driver (if known), date and approximate time you were in the vehicle.  The City of Tacoma Tax & License Division investigates all passenger complaints. 


Lost Items

All for-hire companies must provide a system for passengers to retrieve lost articles.   If you have lost an item in a for-hire vehicle, contact the company directly. 


Refusal to Pick Up Passengers

Tacoma licensing regulations state that a for-hire driver may only decline transportation to a passenger when: 

  • The for-hire driver has already been dispatched on another call.
  • The passenger is acting in a suspicious, disorderly, or threatening manner, or otherwise causes the for-hire driver to reasonably believe that the for-hire driver's health or safety, or that of others, may be endangered.
  • The passenger cannot, upon request, show ability to pay the fare.
  • The passenger refuses to state a specific destination upon entering the for-hire vehicle.

*A TNC driver cannot not pick up a passenger that is hailing from the street.