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Social Media

Pillar 3: Social Media

The objective of Pillar 3 is to have a greater use of social media to engage the community and help solve crimes. 


Action Items

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3.1.1-Enhance and expand the use of social media outreach to share timely and vital information to citizens as well as increase positive interactions and relationships with community members.


Bureau Responsible

Administrative Services Bureau-Support Services Division (SSD)


Timeline and Status

This action item is continuous.


 Date Status
January-March 2017

Increased efforts in reporting positive police/community engagement through Twitter and Facebook. Continue to look for more opportunities using the Community Relations Specialist position (see Pillar 1).


3.1.2-Request funding to restore the Community Relations Specialist position.

Bureau Responsible

Administrative Services Bureau


Timeline and Status

This action item was completed in October 2016.


 Date Status
October 2016

Request was made in the 2017-18 Budget Process

November 2016 Funding was approved
February 2017 Job announcement was posted