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Sidewalk Vending Sales

A “Sidewalk Vendor” means any business engaging in selling food, non-alcoholic beverages, flowers, plants or “arts and crafts” from a mobile cart on the public ways in the City.  


A vendor may apply to operate at two sidewalk locations within the City.  If a vendor would like to move from one approved location to the second approved location a map of the route between the two locations is required to be submitted and approved.  Once a license is approved, the vendor is allowed to vend from Tollefson Plaza at any time except during City approved Special Events in addition to their two approved locations on the sidewalk. 


A Sidewalk Vending license is required for any business conducting this activity.  The license application requires review by the Tacoma Fire Department, the Tacoma Police Department, Planning and Development Services, Environmental Services (Source Control), Real Property and Tax & License Compliance prior to the activity being conducted for the protection of public welfare, health and safety of citizens. 


This checklist provides a guide to City and Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department requirements. 


Approval can be obtained by submitting an application for Sidewalk Vending and fee to the Tax & License office.  The application will be routed to the appropriate City departments for review. 


Please allow 10-15 business days to receive notice of approval or denial of your license.


You can find more information in Tacoma Municipal Code 6B.180 about Sidewalk Vendors Sales license requirements and at the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department.