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Massage Business

"Massage" and "massage therapy" mean a health care service involving the external manipulation or pressure of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes.


Massage therapy includes techniques such as tapping, compressions, friction, reflexology, Swedish gymnastics or movements, gliding, kneading, shaking, and fascial or connective tissue stretching, with or without the aids of superficial heat, cold, water, lubricants, or salts.


Massage Business Locations

When applying for a new license the following information must be provided to ensure compliance with Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) 6B.10.115 and 6B.10.117.  For more details refer to License Rule 108, Massage Business Locations and the Massage Business Supplemental form.

  1. Daily hours of operation.
  2. Number of rooms available for massage within the location.
  3. For all massage therapists operating at the business:
    1. Full Name
    2. Contact Information (i.e. phone, email or address)
    3. Current government issued photo identification
    4. Copy of valid Washington State Massage license
  4. For all owners, officers and managing agents of the business:
    1. Current government issued photo identification
    2. Submit to a state and/or federal criminal background check per TMC 6B.10.190
  5. Valid Certificate of Occupancy for the proposed use (TMC 13).

Site Inspection

Within ten (10) business days of submitting a complete business license application, including the required documents listed above, a Tax & License Compliance Officer will contact the business owner to schedule a site visit of the location.  


Massage Hours 

According to Tacoma Municipal Code 6B.10.115 all massage business locations or offices that offer massage therapy services shall not be open between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM daily. 


Massage Business Information Sheet

Massage Business Supplemental