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Hotel/Motel – Transient Accommodations

“Hotel/Motel” or “Transient Accommodation” means the activity of managing or operating establishments such as hotels, motels, rooming houses, lodging houses or bed and breakfast facilities with three or more guest rooms for periods of less than 30 days in the City. 


Transient accommodations do not include short-term rentals where the entire dwelling is rented to a family or group of 6 or less people or when renting 1-2 guest rooms and the home is owner-occupied.  Get more information on short-term rentals.   


A Transient Accommodations license is required for any business conducting this activity.  The license application requires review by the Tacoma Fire Department, Environmental Services (Source Control) and Planning and Development Services prior to the activity being conducted for the protection of public welfare, health and safety of citizens. 


Requirements of the License


• Records kept for a three-year period including:
    - Date and time of guest check into and out of rooms
    - Name and mailing address of the person renting the room
    - Copy of photo ID of all guests
• Manager on premises at all times the establishment is operating
• Guest rooms to be identified with a number or letter, with no two rooms bearing the same identification


Approval can be obtained by submitting an Application for Transient Accommodations and fee to the Tax & License office.  The application will be routed to the appropriate City departments for review. 


Please allow up to 10-15 business days to receive notice of approval or denial of your license.


You can find more information in Tacoma Municipal Code 6B.140 about the Transient Accommodations license requirements.