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Garage and Yard Sales

Garage sales can only be conducted in the City of Tacoma between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6 p.m. and are limited to two times within a calendar year.  Included in the definition of garage sales are yard sales, patio sales, or other similar sales.  No permit or license is required to operate a garage sale.


“Garage sale” means the offering for sale by a resident or residents of a dwelling of five or more items of used clothing, furniture, home appliances, or merchandise generally used in a dwelling, which have been used by the resident or residents offering such items for sale. No such items can be sold that are owned or controlled by anyone regularly engaging in the business of selling such items. Sales are only allowed by a resident of the dwelling of the resident or residents offering the items for sale; provided that residents of separate dwelling units may combine their garage sales at the premises of one dwelling unit for a combined garage sale.


“Continuous garage sale” means a garage sale that is (1) conducted for more than three consecutive days; or (2) a third or more garage sale that commences within a calendar year at the same premises; provided, however, that such third or more garage sale is conducted by a resident or residents of the same household that conducted the prior two most recent garage sales from such premises.  Continuous garage sales are not allowed in the City of Tacoma.