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Fire Alarm/Suppression Systems (installations)

“Fire Protection” means the activity of selling, installing, maintaining, or repairing fire detection and fire alarm devices and equipment including, but not limited to the following: (1) wet and dry sprinkler systems; (2) kitchen range hood suppression systems; (3) foam systems; (4) clean agent systems; (5) standpipes; (6) underground fire main service systems; and (7) all types of suppression systems for spray booths, rooms or areas, and the maintenance of fire extinguishers in the City. 


A Fire Protection license is required for any business conducting this activity.  The license application requires review by the Fire Department prior to the activity being conducted for the protection of public welfare, health and safety of citizens. 


Approval can be obtained by submitting an Application for Fire Protection and fee to the Tax & License office.  The application will be routed to the appropriate City departments for review. 


Please allow up to 10-15 business days to receive notice of approval or denial of your license.


You can find more information in Tacoma Municipal Code Chapter 6B.90 about the Fire Protection license requirements.