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Busking is allowed in the City of Tacoma however there are certain restrictions depending what type of property the activity is being performed. 


Private Property 

Private property would be a property such as University of Washington Tacoma (UWT), museum or a parking lot of a business.  


Contact the property owner. Each venue will have their own version of property administration.  Notify or request permission of adjacent businesses and abide by the businesses’ desires.



City or Metro Parks Property (and Special Events permitted by the City)

City sidewalks, public property, parks, etc. The performer must be aware of right-of-way restrictions in the City of Tacoma, and/or of the rules of conduct in Metro Parks properties.


Public Works, Real Properties at 253-591-5052 or 253-591-5515

Metro Parks properties at 253-592-8019

City Special Events at 253-573-2523


Business License

If a performer is operating as a business, i.e., collecting revenue a City Business License is required. 


Noise Rules

If amplified music is used be aware of noise restrictions provided in Tacoma Municipal Code 8.122.  Contact Tacoma Code Enforcement Inspector at 253-591-2047.