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Climate Risk Assessment

Climate Resiliency

The impacts of climate change threaten Tacoma’s natural systems, built environment, and the health and safety of our community. In order to better understand and proactively manage climate risks, the City of Tacoma undertook a Climate Change Resilience Study in 2016. With these findings, the City will be better able to protect local residents, make sound investments, and ensure that our community can prosper, even in the face of a changing climate.


Explore Tacoma’s Climate Resilience Study and the graphics below to learn more about Tacoma’s climate readiness and to find out what you can do to fight the impacts of climate change.


2016 Executive Summary of Climate Resilience Study


2016 Climate Resilience Study Full Report



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Changes in Sea Level and Surface Water


The graphic below from the 2016 Climate Resiliency Study depicts the Tacoma tideflats exposed to extreme high tides associated with sea level rise in 2050 using a high emissions scenario. 


Risk Assessment Port



Stream Flow


Another disruption from climate change is projected changes in streamflow, which will influence flooding, freshwater supplies, and aquatic species, such as salmon populations. 



Streamflow Projections