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Environmental Action Plan


In April 2016, the Tacoma City Council adopted Resolution 39427 pledging to provide guidance and investments to meet the target goals for the Plan. This support will help Tacoma respond to climate change and make Tacoma a safer, healthier, and more equitable city for its residents. 

2020 Progress Report


View the 2016 Environmental Action Plan (EAP). 


EAP Annual Progress Reports

The EAP requires annual performance indicator reports to show what progress has been made and if the city is on track to meet its five-year targets. The Progress Reports below show what progress has been made towards targets, give a status update for each action, and summarize successes.


View the year five Progress Report (2020)

View the year four Progress Report (2019)

View the year three Progress Report (2018)

View the year two Progress Report (2017)

View the year one Progress Report (2016)


Compiling Existing Policies into One, Comprehensive Implementation Plan




Mapping Community Resources

The City is working to provide a more equitable distribution of resources throughout the community of Tacoma. The followings maps display how income and race relates to the distribution of bike and pedestrian collisions, community gardens, and tree canopy. 


Community Gardens Map


Bicycle and Pedestrian Collisions (2010-2014)


Tree Canopy


The Nuts and Bolts of the Environmental Action Plan