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Public Art

Projecting Drop, Jill Anholt


The City of Tacoma's public art collection is diverse and pieces can be found incorporated into the fabric of our infrastructure in virtually every neighborhood in Tacoma. The collection tells our stories, provides interest in neighborhoods, creates identity, establishes community presence, and reflects the many talents of artists.


The benefits of public art are many. It can transform eyesores into amenities, enliven design, provide way finding, become a landmark, encourage community dialogues, and create spaces and places where people want to visit and stay.


Public Art is a city's legacy that needs to be nurtured and cared for. Proper stewardship for the collection reflects that caring and commitment to quality. 


In March of 2000, the City of Tacoma reinstated the Municipal Art Program that dedicates 1% of construction costs from public capital projects to the creation of public art.

public art tour

Public Art Tour

Take a virtual tour of some of the public art pieces that can be discovered throughout Pierce County. Search by category, location, or artist to explore the diverse range of public art and map out a customized itinerary to experience the work in person.


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Ghost Prairie, Thoughtbarn. Photo by Dane Gregory Meyer

Prairie Line Trail

The Prairie Line Trail offers an opportunity to create a history-infused active destination and outdoor art venue that is unique to Washington, and the country. The trail draws visitors to our historic downtown, where curated temporary and site-specific permanent art greets trail users.

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Andy Warhol, Flower for the Tacoma Dome

Artwork at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center (GTCC)

The Greater Tacoma Convention Center features artwork by Stuart Keeler & Michael Machnic, Yuki Nakamura & Joseph Miller, Alex Schweder, Kenneth Callahan, Guy Anderson, Andy Warhol, and Michael Brophy.

Find out more about the art at GTCC

John Rogers, Chroma Twist

Artwork at Tacoma Police Headquarters and Substations

This collection of public art includes three pieces by John Rogers as well as pieces by Chris Spadafore, Jennevieve Schlemmer, Justin Hahn, and Lavonne & George Hoivik.

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Community Guide to Creating Public Art

Are you interested in creating public art in your community but don't know where to begin? This workbook is designed to assist community volunteers to plan and implement small scale public art.

Find out more about how to create public art in your community

Gift Proposal Application

To propose the gifting of a piece of artwork to the City of Tacoma's Municipal Art Collection, fill out and submit the Gift Proposal Application form.

Find out more about how to gift a piece of artwork to the City

Ordinance and Policy

Tacoma Municipal Code Chapter 1.28A and 1.28B
Public Art Accession Policy
Public Art Deaccession Policy
Public Art Gift Policy
Artist Eligibility and Selection Process Policy