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Neighborhood Council Program

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The City of Tacoma Neighborhood Council Program is undergoing its five-year review, and we need your feedback! Submit a survey online or call Jared Braggs, Safe Streets Community Mobilization Specialist, at (253) 691-5980 to provide feedback by August 31 to help inform the updates to the Neighborhood Council Program Standards and Guidelines and Tacoma Municipal Code 1.45.


Neighborhood Council Program Overview

There are eight Neighborhood Councils and one overarching Community Council that support Tacoma’s diverse communities by engaging with City staff on neighborhood issues, concerns, and priorities identified by community members. The Neighborhood Council Program aims to create an environment in which community members have an opportunity to:

  • Meaningfully discuss City programs and policies that affect their neighborhoods.
  • Bring neighborhood concerns, priorities, and goals to the attention of the city.
  • Encourage diverse relationships and representative participation where residents feel they positively impact and improve the livability of their communities.

Each Neighborhood Council serves as an independent, non-profit organization to promote community-based efforts for neighborhood improvement. The program is committed to racial equity in all operations and is focused on increasing board representation of underrepresented communities. Any resident, business owner, employee, property owner or member of an existing neighborhood group within a Neighborhood Council area can join a Neighborhood Council.


To learn more about the program, you can view Tacoma Municipal Code 1.45 and the Neighborhood Council Program Standards and Guidelines document.


Connect Directly with your Neighborhood Council

Find out more from your neighborhood council by navigating directly to the website, social media page, or email address provided below:

Neighborhood Council District Map

Search your address in the search bar on the map below to find the Neighborhood Council in your area.

We are committed to supporting Neighborhood Council volunteers in expanding their leadership skills, operational effectiveness and inclusive outreach.


Below is a compilation of City offered trainings and resource recommendations from program staff and Neighborhood Council members.


General Resources:

Neighborhood Council Program Offerings:



Contact the Program Coordinator 


Neighborhood Council Standards and Guidelines Review:

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Provide your feedback by submitting a survey online or calling Jared Braggs, Safe Streets Community Mobilization Specialist, at (253) 691-5980.