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Frequently Asked Questions on the 2023-2024 Biennial Budget Modification Process 
City of Tacoma’s Statement: State of Washington v. TPD Officers Burbank, Collins & Rankine
2024 Charter Review Process Deliberate, Thoughtful, and Inclusive
Frequently Asked Questions on the Fishing Wars Memorial Bridge Closure
Frequently Asked Questions on the Bridge Industrial Project
Update on the Rental Housing Ballot Measures
Ride the expanded T Line, opening September 16
Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Fences
Tacoma Open Data is Now Available
Frequently Asked Questions on the Rental Housing Code Updates
Free Home and Garden Workshops Through EnviroHouse
Home in Tacoma Phase 2
Find Out More About Micromobility in Tacoma
Resources in Case of Inclement Weather
Second Amended Substitute Ordinance 28831
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates
Learn How We're Transforming Tacoma to Fundamentally Enhance the Way We Operate
Report with Recommendations for the Tacoma Police Department Now Available
What to Know About Using Drones in Tacoma
Business Resources Related to COVID-19
Tacoma Issues a Proclamation of Emergency Relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
TPU Offers Resources to Help Manage Your Utility Account
FAQs on Registered Historic Landmarks
Read the Completed Heidelberg Sports Village Feasibility Study
Tacoma's Rental Housing Code Informational Packet Now Online
Sign up for a Free CPR Class with Tacoma Fire
Project Status for the PSE Proposed LNG Facility
ePermits are here! Skip the Line and Apply Today
Paid Leave and Minimum Wage in Tacoma
Eligibility Requirements
Funding Distribution
Frequently Asked Questions
Online Resources (Local, State, and Federal)
Free e-Visits and Virtual Health Consultations at Local Healthcare Organizations
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Updates from 2020-2021
Conditions Placed on the Permit
Access ($12.6M)
Affordable Housing and Homelessness ($5.4M)
Livable Wage Jobs ($433K)
Community Safety (Expense Adjustments of $32M)
Health ($1.2M)