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Process for Naming Requests

Place Name Requests


In accordance with the current policy on place names and name changes adopted by Council Resolution No. 40408 in August 2019, requests for place names or name changes are first received by the Mayor’s Office.

Scheduling and next steps are then determined, with the Council’s Infrastructure, Planning and Sustainability Committee being named as generally overseeing the naming request process.

The IPS Committee may, at its discretion and depending on the nature of the request, seek input and feedback on the request from appropriate City Departments, Divisions, and Boards and Commissions, or other community stakeholders.

As part of this process, the IPS Committee may make a recommendation that the Council adopt the proposal, defer if additional information is required, or deny the proposal if it doesn’t fit the policy criteria.

Place name requests do not impact land use regulations or put any additional requirements or restrictions on included properties.


An updated policy and process for street naming requests is under development. Public comment on pending place name requests can be sent to cityclerk@cityoftacoma.org


Pending Place Name Requests



Completed Place Name Requests

Brewery Blocks

Firefighters’ Park
Harold G. Moss Bridge